About Old Time Music Players of Maine

The idea for organizing the Old Time Music Players of Maine (OTPM) gatherings came about one sunny afternoon while a group of locals were playing Irish music during a fiber festival on the Maine coast.

During a tuning break the conversation started up around bringing together musicians of every level to learn, share and play Old Time Music (OTM). The thought was to invite a few players who enjoy playing OTM along with a few players who have a deep knowledge and experience with old time string band playing and see what happened.

Well, a whole lot of wonderful players showed up for our first play around in the Studio at Searsport Shores Ocean Camping. The night went on for hours playing great songs, sharing stories, eating homemade potato chips and drinking warm adult beverages. The audience really enjoyed themselves leaving behind a healthy donation for the musicians that was given to the Shriners to use at the Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to Jim we all got together again in the fall at the UU church in Belfast, Maine. The playing went on for 4 straight hours with more than 30 musicians joining the group to share in playing old-time, string-band music.

Now, on the second weekend of each September we host the Old Time Music Campout on the shores of Penobscot Bay. The weekend is dedicated to jamming circles at all levels, good food, dance, some performance and most important being able to join a great community of people & players.

Please get in contact or send us your email so you can plan on joining us for the next OTM play around. All levels of interest and playing are welcome to join in the fun.  Weekly jams at Wednesday at the Shores start in late June and run through the fall, every Wednesday from 5-7 PM.  Hope to see you there!